Today’s Audition

Today I had an audition for a commercial at GO Studios in Vancouver.  It was scheduled for 1:30 PM, so I left home at noon to give myself plenty of time to drive into the city.  I got there at 1:29 PM and rushed up two flights of stairs to the audition reception area.  Good; I made it!   There were a few actors seated and waiting for their call – so now I just had to fill out the paperwork and wait.  My role was Mario the Ice Cream Man and I was supposed to dress for the part.  It’s been quite a while since I last saw an ice cream man but I was pretty sure that their clothes were all-white.  I had no problem with the white shirt, white running shoes and white socks but I haven’t owned a pair of white pants since the Saturday Night Fever era.  However, I did have a pair of light tan Dockers which would probably appear white on camera anyway.

I looked around the room and noticed that of all the actors, I was the only one dressed in white.  Maybe it’s painters that always wear white – or am I confusing them with guys working in a bakery?  Never mind I thought – just be confident and go in there and be a wonderful Mario, the Ice Cream Man.   I am not usually nervous when I audition but today was different – I was so rushed getting there on time.  When I finally got seated and opened my bottle of soda water  it sprayed all over me!  Most of the bottle emptied on my lap and as I jumped to my feet the Casting Director called my name.  Great!  Now my light tan pants have a large dark wet spot on the front and I have to audition in front of a camera.

The Casting Director told me that the first part of the audition was for me to be showing a look of surprise or shock.  That will be easy I thought as I looked down at my wet pants.

“No Daniel, look at the camera!” yelled the Casting Director.

I quickly looked up at the camera but the look on my face was one of embarrassment.  I kind of shrugged my shoulders which made me look even more pathetic.

“Okay Daniel, the next part is for you to act really happy and dance to the music.”

I immediately started dancing, while at the same time trying really, really hard to smile.

“No Daniel, not yet – wait for the music to start!” cried the Casting Director.

Anyway, I finished the audition and was walking out of the room and passed a couple of actors who were staring at my wet pants.

“It was for a Depends commercial” I muttered without missing a beat.

I wonder if I’ll get a call back audition?




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