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Originally published February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Several of my previous blogs have been stories that included either my Mom, Dad or both.  Although they are no longer living (Dad passed in 2001 & Mom passed in 2010) they are still very much alive in both my heart and mind.  The heartache never goes away – and it shouldn’t.  This is also true for other people and even pets that you have loved with all of your heart – you never stop loving them.  Memories of a loved one are the link from your heart to your soul and they will never fade with time – they remain with you Forever & Ever.

Although I loved both of my parents very much – I was always closer to my Mom.   During my teenage years, I caused my parents a lot of grief and worry – but my Mom was always there for me.  My Dad and I were always at loggerheads – and I gave up trying to please him at an early age.  Over the years, my Mom would always tell me that she loved me very much – and I always told her that I loved her very much.  I don’t recall ever hearing my Dad tell me that he loved me – and I never told him that I loved him until the night he died.  

My Dad wasn’t conscious when I last saw him – I had flown into Toronto from Vancouver and rushed directly to the hospital in Oshawa to see him.  At the time, I was more concerned about just “being there” for my Mom, as a comfort, when my Dad passed.   The family were gathered in my Dad’s hospital room – he wasn’t conscious but the nurses said he could still hear us and knew that we were there.  I approached his bed, put my hand on his forehead and told him that I loved him.  It was the first time that I can remember ever saying it to him.

Mom loved Dad more than anything in the world – despite his “imperfections” – and she was devastated at his passing.  Every time that I spoke to my Mom – either on the phone or during one of my visits – she mentioned my Dad and how she missed him.  She often told me how proud he was of me – and that he really, really loved me.  I remember crying, the first time she told me.  “Why couldn’t he ever just tell me?”, I would ask. 

“Because your Dad wasn’t brought up that way”, she replied.  “He seldom ever told me that he loved me – but I could always feel his love.”  Mom not only loved my Dad – he was her hero.

I really miss my Dad now.  I miss my Mom too, but she passed knowing how much I loved her. She knew that I would love her Forever & Ever.  I hope my Dad passed knowing that I loved him….

Happy Valentine’s Day Mom & Dad!

All My Love,

Forever and Ever,



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