A Smile, Nod or Wink in White Rock

Originally published May 16, 2012

The “white rock” at the beach in White Rock, BC

Usually, I go for my walks on the Promenade at the beach in White Rock.  There are a number of reasons why I walk there instead of in my own neighborhood:

  • Numerous public washrooms 
  • Spectacular views of:Challenging – 2.8 miles 
    • Ocean
    • Mt.  Baker & other mountains
    • Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands
    • Ladies suntanning
  • Numerous public washrooms 
  • Route includes “the Hump” hill separating East and West Beaches
  • Whitby Bookstore and Coffee Shop (sit outside with coffee and newspaper after my walk) 
  • Numerous shops and eateries
  • Numerous public washrooms 
  • The Pier
  • Amtrak and Burlington Northern trains (it’s a guy thing)
  • Friendly people
  • Numerous public washrooms 

Besides, it’s only a 15 minute drive from home.  Did I mention the numerous public washrooms?

Normally, I wear my iPod and listen to music during my walk.  Sometimes I memorize my lines for an audition or film project.  And other times, I just think about things – you know – thoughts that run through your mind – some pleasant and some not-so-pleasant.

But one of the most interesting things that I have done during my walks was on a bright sunny day last week.  I forgot to bring the ear phones for my iPod, so I couldn’t listen to music during my walk.  Suddenly, I got a great idea – I would say hello to everyone that I passed during my walk!

The majority of walkers on the Promenade are walking with other people – couples, threesomes or groups of four.   Some are pushing baby strollers – others are pushing wheelchairs.  Some are using canes and some have “walkers” like my Mom used in her last years.  And of course there are always several walkers using ski poles – not skis – just the ski poles!  However, the ski pole people are usually women – and I stopped trying to figure them out long ago.

So as I walked, I smiled and said hello to each person or persons I passed.  The reactions were as follows:

  • the majority seemed surprised by my greeting and eithermany people simply smiled
    • stared at me with a puzzled look
    • stared at me with a puzzled look and then returned the greeting – albeit suspiciously
    • stared at me with a puzzled look and then pretended to know me – smiled – and returned the greeting
    • stared at me and asked me if there were any public washrooms around
    • stared at me – looking guilty – they were walking their dog (dogs are not allowed on the Promenade)
  • some smiled and then commented on how nice the weather was or asked me how I was enjoying the day
  • others turned and looked away – pretending that they didn’t see or hear me 
  • others were listening to their iPods or talking on their cellular phones – and were totally zoned out
  • only one person “winked” at me (or maybe she had something caught in her eye)

When I reached the end of the Promenade (1.4 miles), I turned and began the walk back to the other end of the Promenade (1.4 miles).  That’s right Corky – it’s a total of 2.8 miles – and you did the math in your head?  Anyway, it was interesting that on my way back – I got a smile or a greeting from most of the people that I had passed during the first leg of my walk.  

Overall, I found that women tended to be friendlier than men – especially if they were walking with other people. The only exception was the ski pole people – who I now assume are addicted to winter/snow – or they are American tourists visiting the Big White North for the first time.  But then again, they could be from Ontario or Yukon (not the Yukon – it’s just Yukon) and are just used to having snow on the ground.

Today I am going to listen to music during my walk.  I probably won’t notice anybody smiling at me – and I’ll have the music too loud to hear anybody saying hello.   Maybe I’ll take along my ski poles………

This afternoon (May 16th) I am at a film shoot for a music video – it’s in a brothel – my first for both!

Have a great day!



UPDATE (August 19, 2012):  Here is the link to the music video that I was in:


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