The Beach Boys concert at the PNE

I remember first hearing The Beach Boys on the radio when I was 12 years old (1962) and they instantly became my favourite band.  Their sound was totally different than existing bands and the lyrics to their songs made you want to move to California, or at the very least learn how to surf.  Unfortunately, I didn’t live anywhere near an ocean and Lake Ontario wasn’t exactly a place to go surfing.  In fact, not many people even swam in Lake Ontario in those days – probably because of the polution. 

And although I have listened to a variety of music over the years, I have never tired of hearing the Beach Boys.  As a teenager, their songs always made me dream about exciting things including:

  • Girls
  • Beach
  • Surfing
  • Hot rods
  • Girls
  • School
  • Dancing
  • California
  • Love
  • Girls

I have been to many concerts over the years but for some reason I had never been to a Beach Boys concert.  When I read that they would be playing at the PNE in Vancouver this summer, I decided that I had better go because who knows how long they would still be touring?  And although the concerts at the PNE are free with admission, you could purchase an advance ticket for reserved seating, which only cost $20.  It turned out that it was probably the best $20 that I had ever spent.  The Amphitheatre was already full when I arrived at 8:00 PM and they were turning people away from the gate if you didn’t have a reserved seat ticket.  I got to my seat and was looking at the dark clouds in the sky – rain was in the forecast and it was only a matter of time before the heavens opened up.  But I had my umbrella and was going to stick it out regardless. 

The concert started at 8:30 PM and for 90 minutes they created the same excitement that I experienced as a teenager 50 years ago.  It was magical and I was thrilled to have finally seen them perform in a live concert.

And immediately after their last song it started to rain. 

It’s now Saturday afternoon and I am going to the beach in White Rock (pictured above).  I’ll probably be listening to The Beach Boys on my iPod and dreaming about one day becoming a surfer….






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