Happy Birthday Alice

It’s Alice’s birthday today. 

Alice is my sister-in-law and I love her very much.  She saved my brother Randy’s life about a dozen years ago when they were both single.  It’s a long story but he was very sick and had been mis-diagnosed by the witch doctors in the city of Mr. and Mrs. Auga. (Mississauga, Ontario).

But Alice knew better and rushed him to the hospital where he had open-heart surgery to replace a heart valve.   I was in Toronto on business at the time and went to the hospital while he was in the operating room.  I met the surgeon who informed me that they had Randy’s heart and lungs on the table during the surgery and he wasn’t sure if Randy was going to make it – he said the next 24 hours would be crucial.  I stayed in the ICU room with Randy and spoke to him when he awoke – but he was having a difficult time staying awake.  I left his room when my sister Linda arrived and went back to my hotel in Toronto.  When I got inside my room I sat on the bed and cried. 

Randy recovered and the story had a wonderful ending – he and Alice got married.  Our family gained a new daughter – as my Ma would proudly say.  And I gained a wonderful sister.  They are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this month and going to Italy.

Happy Birthday my sweet Alice.

Hugs & Luv,


Randy & Alice (Vancouver 2013)

Randy & Alice (Vancouver 2013)

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