But I Couldn’t

Hi Ma,

It’s your 91st birthday today and I wanted to buy you something really special – but I couldn’t.

I was also going to send you 2 Birthday Cards – one loving and one humourous – but I couldn’t.

And I also wanted to give you a call and wish you a Happy Birthday and tell you how much I love you – but I couldn’t.

I was going to book a flight to Ontario to visit with you – but I couldn’t.

However, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you.

I really, really miss you and love you very much.

My Ma on her 85th birthday - she passed 2 years later

My Ma on her 85th birthday – she passed 2 years later


Hugs & Kisses Forever & Ever,


PS – Say hi to Dad for me


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2 thoughts on “But I Couldn’t

  1. Ok, I read this and cried, thank for that needed my eyes cleaned washed.
    That was very touching Danny, I know she loved all of you, she told many times when we spoke on the phone. She was proud of each and everyone of you.

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