When You Have Too Much Money…

This morning during breakfast, I was watching a news program and almost choked on my beer. Luckily, I have a PVR and was able to rewind the program to verify that what I thought I saw had actually happened.

It seems this family in Melbourne, Australia were trying to auction their house at a cool $2,060,000 but despite numerous prospective buyers touring the 5 bedroom home, there hadn’t been a single offer.

But during the house tour, a daughter of one of the buyers fell in love with Tiffany – the homeowner’s cat. So her parents decided that they would submit an offer of $2,200,000 with the condition that Tiffany be included in the sale. That’s right, they were offering $140,000 more than the list price – just to get Tiffany the cat for their daughter!

Tiffany the $140,000 Cat

Tiffany the $140,000 Cat

And then I spilled the beer all over my Fruit Loops when the reporter announced that the sellers had accepted the deal, despite the fact that the cat was owned by their 19-year-old son, who had bought the cat in the first place!

But it gets even weirder – because the sellers decided to give their son $25,000 for the cat, while keeping the other $115,000 as additional profit!

I jumped off the chair, yelling and screaming obscenities at the TV screen and spilling beer and Fruit Loops all over my dog Holly Golightly, who had been sleeping on the floor by my feet.

My semi-sober mind began racing in overdrive, trying to make sense of this outrageous news. Here are some of the questions that raced through my mind:

  • If nobody wanted to buy the house at $2,060,000 – why wouldn’t the buyer just offer the list price – with the condition that Tiffany the cat be included in the sale?
  • Was Tiffany the cat named after my favourite movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘?
  • Isn’t paying $140,000 for a cat a bit excessive?
  • Most pet owners consider their pets as family members – and most people would never consider selling a child or other family member (in-laws being the only exception).
  • Isn’t selling your son’s beloved pet some kind of sin?
  • Isn’t not giving your son the entire $140,000 some kind of sin?
  • Which of these people are worse – the buyers for their heartless conditional offer? Or the cold-hearted-reptilian sellers?
  •  Am I the only person who thinks that beer and Fruit Loops are a wonderful and healthy combination?

 Please feel free to add your comments or answers to these questions.

UPDATE:  Several readers have asked me if this story is really true – and yes, the part about selling the house with the cat is true but me drinking beer at breakfast isn’t.  Here is the link to the actual news video – https://au.news.yahoo.com/vic/a/25253369/melbourne-family-sells-pet-cat-for-140-000-to-seal-house-deal/




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