The Last Trick or Treat


He and his buddy Doug had almost finished filling their shopping bags with tricks and treats and were excited about getting home to see and sort all of the goodies. On previous Halloween’s they had both dressed up the best they could – but they couldn’t remember ever scaring anybody. But this Halloween was different and someone was going to get scared – really scared.

They rushed home after school had finished so they could get dressed in their homemade costumes before it got dark. They knew that the earlier they got out on the street, the more trick or treats they would be able to collect before getting home by curfew. And at 10 years old, the curfew was 8:00PM because there was school in the morning.

They had decided to dress up like girls – complete with pig tails fashioned by their Moms braiding several pairs of nylons together. They wore his older sister’s dresses and running shoes because Doug didn’t have a sister. And the makeup included lipstick, mascara and even some rouge for their cheeks.  They even wore clip-on earrings and a necklace. Nobody would ever confuse them with being boys and everyone knew that girls always got more stuff on Halloween!

Neither of them bothered having dinner that night – they were just too excited – and besides, there would be plenty of goodies to eat in a couple of hours!

In previous years they would stick fairly close to home and only canvassed houses within a few block radius. But on that night they would venture further into other neighborhoods – because they were now big boys and had large paper shopping bags (with handles) to fill.

paper shopping bag

So they had just about filled their bags and were within several blocks of their homes when suddenly out-of-nowhere the teenagers ambushed them. Doug screamed and began running down the street, while the other boy tried to get up from the ground. And when he finally got to his feet they had already ran off with his bag of goodies.

He walked home alone – Doug was long gone. He passed other kids on his way home but he didn’t care if they saw him crying. The mascara was running down his cheeks as he walked into the house and began telling his parents what had happened. But he was finding it difficult to talk and cry at the same time.

The news of the ambush/robbery spread quickly through the community and by the next night a knock came at the front door. It was his sisters’ Girl Guide leader – who had taken up a collection of treats from all of the girl guides to give to him. And the day after that a bunch of kids from school shared some of their candies too.

And although that Halloween was 54 years ago, I still remember the pain. And I also remember how nice it was to have other kids share their goodies with me.  But deep down inside I still hope that those boys choked on my candies!




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  1. Hi Dan,

    Thank you so very much for sharing such a heartwarming story. I hope this Halloween will be meaningful in ways to others.

    Bless you,


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