Danny goes to Camp!

“In the dark of the broad daylight, I promise I’ll be there” ~ For Whom the Bell Tolls ~ BeeGees

It started the way all great trips start – with a simple plan.  Get to the CN Tower in Toronto – home of the Blue Jays – and do the Edge Walk outside the top – suspended by a leash.  It’s the kind of excitement that’s been missing in my life, and I’ve convinced myself that it will restore the flame that once burned passionately in my soul.  But I couldn’t get past the main obstacle to fulfilling this bucket list item – I’d already said all of my goodbyes to my hometown in Ontario, last Spring (see  My Last Visit ).

And it’s hard to justify the cost for hotel and airfare to satisfy a silly need or whim, right?  Of course, it is Danny.  But all of that changed when my phone rang.

I looked at the call display and didn’t recognize the number, so I just disregarded it as I do with all unknown callers (telemarketers, scams, etc.).  But this one left a message.  And the moment I heard it, I got excited – really, really excited!

It was the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer calling to confirm my attendance at the upcoming cancer conference in Toronto in April.  I had not understood that I had been invited to attend, but the phone message was a request to discuss my flight and travel arrangements and meeting schedules, etc.  And as excited as I am about anything related to cancer – I was selfishly happy to know that I might get to fulfill one of my last bucket list items, after all!

But then, I remembered what my buddy Billy used to say – “be careful what you ask for – ’cause you might get it!”  Scared, Danny?  Yup!  Still going to do the walk, Danny?  Yup!

And then today, as I sat watching my Blue Jays first preseason game on television, I decided to buy a ticket to their home opener on April 11th.  I was going to get the best seat I could get – who knows if I will ever be back to see another game.

I share the same philosophy on concert tickets – why watch the artist from the nosebleed section if you can afford to sit in better seats?  I mean, if I don’t smoke, and don’t drink, then surely attending a few concerts or sporting events in upgrade seats is not extravagant.  Well, it’s not to me – money has never been important to me.  It’s why I dislike being around people who appear obsessed with it.

And isn’t it great that I can order my ticket online and choose my seat?  And when you only are buying one – you will always get better seats.  But then my heart stopped beating – the home opener is already sold out!  WTF? (Why The Face?).  Of course!  The whole city of Toronto will probably be closed for the day – to celebrate the home opener.  And right they should!

I quickly moved my cursed cursor down to the next game April 12th and selected a seat, a few rows above the players’ dugout on the first base line!  And including my donation to the Blue Jays Children’s Fund, it only cost 80 bucks, all total!

In high school, we used to have a saying for being outrageously happy.  It was “YIPPEE SHIT HEMORRHAGE!”

And although I’m not going to camp, it sure feels like a “YIPPEE SHIT HEMORRHAGE!” moment!

And it’s what you’ll hear me shouting when I get the CN Tower Edge Walk captured on my cell phone camera – and posted to this page in early April.



Today’s Tune (from Danny’s library of purchased music):


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