White Rock Pier – after the storm

You’ve probably already seen the news coverage of Thursday’s storm destroying a middle section of the world-famous White Rock Pier, in White Rock.  In the event that you haven’t – here’s a video clip of the CTV News coverage:  White Rock Pier collapses – video

And now you’re wondering how the pier looks – the day after.  Well, it just so happens, that my buddy Norm and I have coffee at the Whitby House every Friday morning, which is just a stone’s throw from the pier, and we usually take a walk to the pier and back after we finish our coffee.

The drive from my place to the Whitby House usually takes about 15 minutes.  But as I drove to the top of the Hump (hill) that separates the East and West beaches, I decided to stop to take an aerial photo and a short video clip of the damaged pier.

Here is the video clip:  White Rock Pier

Norm has recently taken up photography and he now belongs to a club.  He, like most photographers, is always searching for the ‘perfect picture’ and has a knack for creating interesting photos.  But I’m the opposite – I still have difficulty in understanding how my cell phone works!

And so, after finishing our coffees, we walked down the Promenade towards the pier.

Norm stopped and started taking photos of the damaged pier from a distance.  He was expertly adjusting the focus and light exposure of his camera while I fumbled with my cell phone camera.  He had already taken several shots before I got my phone to cooperate but I finally managed to take this picture:

White Rock pier at 9:30 am                   Photo by Danny










I had just taken the photo and turned to notice Norm walking up ahead towards the crowds of onlookers by the pier taking pictures.  As I caught up to him, I noticed several news reporters and their crews nearby.  I decided to take a short video clip of me interviewing the CTV News reporter.

Here is the video:  Danny’s CTV interview

After amusing the crowd of onlookers, I ran to catch up to Norm, who was now at the pier.

Pier closed                                                                                   Photo by Danny

It was the first time that I’ve seen the pier closed in all of the years that I’ve lived in Vancouver.  Norm said he thinks it has never been closed before – and he should know – he was born and raised in Vancouver.

We walked further to the east of the pier and took more pictures.  Here are my photos:

I’m looking forward to seeing Norm’s photos – his will have more detail than mine.  We shook hands and wished each other a happy holiday season.  We are planning to do a walk on the Iona Jetty after Christmas.

Later in the day, I heard on the news that the bridge will cost millions of dollars to repair and that White Rock city council has asked for financial assistance from both the provincial and federal governments.  But they don’t expect to have the repairs completed for several months.

Oh, and one last thing; if you ever wondered how the city of White Rock got its name, here is a photo of the infamous white rock on the beach:

White Rock on the beach in White Rock, BC                                       Photo by Danny



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