A Toothless Fairy

There is often a situation when I’ve thought seriously about giving up on a particular dream, but there has always been a counter argument for continuing the chase.  I remember a saying I learned when I was little Danny – ‘I had no shoes and complained until I met a man who had no feet’.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to imagine a future without physical or emotional pain, but I know people who do it every day.  From the moment they awaken in the morning until they close their eyes at night, the pain is with them.  Stress and anxiety follow them throughout the day because there’s hardly anyone giving them hope that they’ll ever get better.

My friend Norm has cancer that’s in remission.  He knows that he’s on borrowed time but his faith is strong and he does not fear the grim reaper.  In my opinion, he is one of the bravest warriors – because he already knows what lies ahead and yet he continues the battle.

My gal pal, Suzette is another brave warrior.  She is waiting to have brain surgery but still manages to smile despite the pain and uncertainty of what the future holds for her.  She has so much to live for including a loving and devoted husband and a teenaged son.

Another gal pal in constant pain is Sue.  Despite her considerable talent as an actress, drama coach and mentor to so many children on the North Shore, an accident left her in a condition that has baffled the medical community.  Nobody seems to know what’s causing her the chronic pain that’s with her 24/7, but she’s a warrior and is probably cringing at my mentioning her in this blog.

I could fill this page with the names of other people I know who fight pain and trauma every day, but instead, I’d like to focus on two gal pal warriors of mine who are making a significant contribution in cancer research.   I served on an oral cancer advisory committee with them a couple of years ago and witnessed their dedication to improving the lives of so many people – including mine.

Last week, I was contacted by Santa Danny, who advised that he was traveling to the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Dentistry, Oral Cancer Department to make a presentation.  We met my two heroes – Dr. Denise Laronde and Dr. Leigha Rock in the afternoon and did a quick tour.  Santa Danny even got to visit several children who were in the treatment centre at the time.

Here is a photo of the presentation;

Santa Danny’s gal pals, Dr. Leigha Rock & Dr. Denise Laronde  (January 24, 2019)


I also want to thank the following contributors to the Santa Danny oral cancer research fund:

  • Surrey Honda, Surrey
  • City Square Shopping Centre, Vancouver
  • Palace Athena, Port Coquitlam
  • The Sampson Family, Lower Mainland

These are the unsung heroes of Santa Danny.  Every penny raised is included in the cheque.  If you’re one of their loyal customers – you have another reason to love them.  I do, and so does Santa Danny, the toothless fairy!

Dedicated to my heroes, Denise and Leigha



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An almost famous Film, Television & Stage Actor living in Vancouver, BC (as in almost pregnant). His other passions include: patient advocate (he had Stage 3 Throat Cancer) ; daily power walks at the Promenade in White Rock; and of course, spoiling his dog Holly Golightly. If you like the stuff he writes about - please leave a hug (or a comment).

2 thoughts on “A Toothless Fairy

  1. Danny : you yourself are such a brave soul to soldier on wards with your own challenges , and yet at the same time give all you have got to give in order to bring some joy into the lives of others. Good for you!

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