Valentine Daze

I  recently read that there would be 10, 408 babies conceived on Valentines Day in the USA.  We in Canada, have one-tenth of their population, so in my estimate, there are 1,040 Canuck babies being conceived.  Which also means that if your birthday is sometime between October 10th and December 11th, you may have been conceived on Valentines Day!

However, this story has very little to do with Valentines Day or conceiving babies.  Instead, it was one of the weirdest days I’d experienced in years.  And it all started with a long distance phone conversation I was having with a friend.

It was lunchtime and I had just got home from running errands and had just begun to talk with my friend when suddenly, my phone went dead.  At the same time, the television screen went blue with an error message.  Obviously, the cable/internet must be down for some reason.  And I get my internet, phone, and cable tv service all in a bundle from Shaw Cable.

My cell phone was being charged at the time, so I couldn’t call my friend right back.  I didn’t think about it and figured we’d just talk later that day.

I took a shower and was getting dressed when suddenly the doorbell rang and Holly started barking.  I opened the front door and was surprised to see a police officer!  I quickly opened the door and invited him inside.  I extended my hand and we shook hands.

He asked me my name and asked to see identification.  I showed him my driver’s license and he wrote down the information in his notebook.  Apparently, my friend was alarmed when our call suddenly went dead and then tried to call me on my cell phone.  She called the police, fearing that something had happened to me.  The police were here to see if everything was okay.  I explained to the officer that the cable/internet is down and that is why the phone call had ended so abruptly.  I told him that I would call my friend back on my cellphone.

The police officer left.

I wonder what the neighbors are thinking?

When I called my friend, I learned that she had tried calling me on my cell phone but was surprised to hear another person answer.  She said that he had an accent and when she told him what number she was calling, he told her that she must be wrong because that was his number!

I asked her what number she had used and learned that she had gotten the number from one of my old business cards which had my previous number.  No wonder she was concerned – it is understandable and I didn’t feel that her calling the police was a problem.

An hour later I went to the Costco store and was just leaving the parking lot when the lady in front of me suddenly braked and I ran into her car.  We were hardly moving and there didn’t appear to be any dent but there were a few scratches, so we exchanged driver information and I apologized to her – explaining it was my first accident in my 50 some years of driving.

It bothered me the rest of the day.

When I got home, I let Holly outside to do her business and then I went around the yard to pick up her stools and didn’t realize that I had stepped in one and brought it into the house on my shoe.  What a mess!

I opened up a beer that I’ve had in the fridge for over a year.

And that’s how I celebrated Valentines Day.  Oh, and I didn’t have cable or internet for a day and a half!

Dedicated to the conceivers!



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One thought on “Valentine Daze

  1. Crap.

    Mine wasn’t much better. I got a virus and I’m still fighting it and its Feb 19. But at least I got cookies to have with tea from a certain guy who had dog poop on his shoes. LOL

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