Got a FOMO?

Last October, I deleted my Facebook account – forever.  I wasn’t comfortable with the realization that too much of my personal information was being shared and/or compromised.  Many of the ads that appeared on my Facebook page were there because Facebook sells my personal likes, views, searches and other traits (unique to me) to companies anxious to sell me their products and/or services.  But that isn’t the only reason for deleting my Facebook account.

It was also a privacy and security issue.  Over 50 million FB user passwords were compromised by Facebook – and that concerned me.  And that is the main reasons for me leaving Facebook – I could no longer trust them!  I feel the same when a person betrays or disrespects me – I will never be able to trust them again.  And without trust – there can be no friendship.  All the money in the world cannot buy a faithful friend.

But Danny, what about all of the pictures, announcements, jokes, and updates from your 400+ Facebook friends – aren’t you afraid to be missing out?

Nope, Spanky, not at all!  I have no ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out).  And out of my 400+ FB friends – I only have a handful of them who are close friends – and we are in regular contact.  But Facebook isn’t the only culprit – Instagram – which is also owned by Facebook – is guilty of the same practice of selling your personal viewing and sharing information.  I also deleted my Instagram account.

All of my close friends are still in contact with me – they have my contact information.  They can communicate with me by phone, email, snail-mail, text messaging, or by seeing me, in-person.  Some of my friends don’t even own a computer, and others who do, have refused to enroll in any social media platforms, period.

I have this website to communicate with both the people I know and don’t know.  And they can leave me comments (and they do).  I confess to having Twitter and LinkedIn accounts but I only use them to share my blogs.

But sitting at home, in front of a computer, notebook, tablet or cell phone and interacting with people on social media is not my idea of time being well-spent.  I’d much rather meet a friend for coffee or have a phone conversation (or text) than to send them an emoji on their Facebook page.  Besides, I usually shake my friends’ hands or give them a hug when I see them – which you can’t do on social media.

But the younger generation is obsessed with a serious FOMO.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people texting while walking or worse, driving!  What the heck can be so important that it can’t wait until you’re not occupied?  I even turn my cell phone to ‘vibrate’ when I’m with my friends – and can listen to the message when I’m alone.

I love the convenience of voice-mail and email and I have no fear of missing out.  It’s been six months since I left Facebook and I haven’t lost any contact with any of my close friends – we still communicate with each other on a regular basis.  It helps that many of my friends are walkers, actors, and healthcare peeps; the rest of them I’ve known for years but haven’t seen for a while – but they’re still my best friends – and some of them have also resisted the allure of Facebook.

If Facebook and/or Instagram are your preferred way of staying in touch with friends and family – maybe you’re a victim of FOMO?  But I’m not being critical Spanky – many of my friends love Facebook and Instagram and I don’t think badly of them.  I just wanted you to know why I decided to leave.

In the words of the late, Maya Angelou, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

I’m going for a walk in Richmond today.  Talk to you soon!



Today’s tune from Danny’s library (purchased):

A Matter of Trust – lyrics

Some love is just a lie of the heart
The cold remains of what began with a passionate start
And they may not want it to end
But it will it’s just a question of when
I’ve lived long enough to have learned
The closer you get to the fire the more you get burned
But that won’t happen to us
‘Cause it’s always been a matter of trust

I know you’re an emotional girl
It took a lot for you to not lose your faith in this world
But I can’t offer you proof
But you’re going to face a moment of truth
It’s hard when you’re always afraid
You just recover when another belief is betrayed
So break my heart if you must
It’s a matter of trust

You can’t go the distance
With too much resistance
I know you have doubts
But for God’s sake don’t shut me out

This time you’ve got nothing to lose
You can take it, you can leave it
Whatever you choose
I won’t hold back anything
And I’ll walk away a fool or a king
Some love is just a lie of the mind
It’s make believe until its only a matter of time
And some might have learned to adjust
But then it never was a matter of trust

I’m sure you’re aware love
We’ve both had our share of
Believing too long
When the whole situation was wrong

Some love is just a lie of the soul
A constant battle for the ultimate state of control
After you’ve heard lie upon lie
There can hardly be a question of why
Some love is just a lie of the heart
The cold remains of what began with a passionate start
But that can’t happen to us
‘Cause it’s always been a matter of trust

Songwriters: Billy Joel
A Matter of Trust lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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