A May Day Call

Today, I did what I swore I’d never, ever do.

I was sitting in the waiting room of the cancer center in Vancouver, waiting for a good friend, who was having her radiation treatment and I was cursing to myself at this terrible disease.  I have known too many people who have suffered from this disease and being there at the cancer center reminded me of my own life-altering cancer.

So at that precise moment, I decided to give up being an actor.  I’d been thinking about it for months but each time I got close to making a final decision, I’d get an audition.

I quickly opened my laptop and I wrote and sent the following letter to Dylan, my agent:

Hi Dylan,

I’ve been blessed to be represented by you and Trisko Talent Management for these past twelve years – especially after I was diagnosed and treated for stage 3 throat cancer.  And although I survived cancer – the radiation treatments caused a lot of damage to my voice.  Initially, my voice was just a bit raspy – but lately, it is getting worse – to the point that I don’t feel comfortable auditioning for talking roles.  
I hate the thought of ‘quitting’ or ‘giving up’ on anything and I’ve never considered myself a quitter – but in fairness to Trisko and to be honest with both you and myself – I’d like to request only being called to auditions that are SOC or for roles that call for a bit of a speech impediment.  I’d also like to be considered for the print media.  
However, I will totally understand if you feel that you can no longer represent me.  I just wanted to be totally honest with you and myself.
Warm regards,


And as I sat in the waiting room, I started to feel sorry for myself.  But only for a millionth of a second.  All of the people in the room were fighting cancer.  I wanted to hug each one of them and encourage them to be positive – but they’d probably wouldn’t understand me because of my voice.  And to think that I once did voice-overs.  I looked down at my laptop and checked to see if Dylan replied.  But I had no new messages.

After my friend finished her treatment, we went to VGH for some more appointments and while I was in the waiting room, I checked my laptop for messages.  But I didn’t see anything from my agent.

Later in the day, I had just dropped my friend off at her place and was heading home when I got caught up in a huge traffic jam.  I checked my phone to see if I had any emails – and there was one from Dylan!  But there was no way that I would drive and talk, much less read emails.  So I listened to music and gave myself a pep talk.

When I got home and after taking care of Holly, my dog, I sat at the computer and read Dylan’s email.  Here’s his reply:

Hey Dan

Thanks for reaching out and being upfront with everything.

Although I totally appreciate your dedication and desire to move on, I don’t think this is going to work for me. We often only getting a limited scope of the role and sometimes you will be asked to ad-lib or be given lines on the day.  I think it’s best if we take you off the books for this side of things but would encourage you to find an agent that might be able to offer something in a more limited capacity. 

You are a constant professional and I certainly think you could find print jobs and the odd SOC job here and there so please don’t give up (even if it’s a not going to work for me).

We will take you off the roster so you’re contractually clear to find new management should that be your desire.

I am also still actively trying to get your outstanding job paid… they have been a little delinquent in issuing payments but I’m staying on them. I’ve never had a client not get paid and I don’t intend to start any time soon 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



I took a beat and then I began to smile.  I’m happy that things ended on a nice note.  My last paid acting gig was last Monday and the director seemed to like my performance.  I have so much to be thankful for and Dylan has always been a very supportive and trusted friend.  If you’re in the film business and need an agent – he’s the best!

There’ll be other dreams, Little Danny.  There’ll be other dreams.

And then the sky started crying…

Dedicated to Dylan 



Today’s tune from Danny’s library (purchased):

You Can Make History (Young Again) – lyrics

I can feel the time closing in
I can feel the years crawling through my skin
And if I doubt myself I can count on the rain
To cover the tears of this aging game

But I can count on you to play your part
I don’t miss a beat of your animal heart
And when you push from behind I know I can
Cover a mountain with the palm of my hand

And oh babe, you can make history young again
You could rewrite, you could decide
The things that should or shouldn’t have been
You could look at me in the scheme of things
Ohh, oh, babe, you could make history young again

I can watch the weeks sweeping by
I can recollect the hearts hanging out to dry
When the world shuts down I can touch my fears
I can hear lost youth ringing in my ears

But I lost nothing when I gained you
You just blew me away with yesterday’s news
When you run your fingers down my spine
It’s like throwing a switch on the hands of time

And oh babe, you can make history young again
You could rewrite, you could decide
The things that should or shouldn’t have been
You could look at me in the scheme of things
Ohh, oh, babe, you could make history young again

Ancient minds, ancient lives
Got a way of coming around
If I knew then what I know now
I’d make it back to you somehow

And oh babe, you can make history young again
Oh, you could rewrite, you could decide
The things that should or shouldn’t have been
You could look at me in the scheme of things
Ohh, oh, babe, you could make history young again


Songwriters: Bernie Taupin / Elton John
You Can Make History (Young Again) lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

4 thoughts on “A May Day Call

  1. There are other dreams Little Danny. Your writing and idea’s for a TV Show or made for TV Movie. Your writing, possible directing. The future is bright!!! and your still here. How lovely that you were able to be there for your friend as strong support as they go through their battle. You are truly a beautiful soul.

    Hugs to you and Holly

    1. Sue, you are the kindest person, and a best friend forever! It’s been a very rough week – my cousin Millie passed last week from cancer. She was very supportive and often wrote comments on my stories. Hugs and Love, Danny

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