Murals that Mirror Life

Yesterday, I met up with my friends Agnes, Leonard, and Lawrence in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant area. We were there to be a part of a guided walking tour of the 2019 Vancouver Mural Festival.  It was the first time that any of us had been to the annual festival.  

We had agreed to meet at 2:30 pm at the laneway between W7th and W8th Avenues, which is where the guided tour was to start. I arrived at 1:45 pm and decided to begin walking down the alleyways to view some of the 100+ murals that were painted on the sides of buildings by local and international artists.

I started to take some videos on my cell phone but unfortunately, I was only able to cover half of the murals because I ran out of storage on the phone!

But I did manage to capture the following 20 short clips, which I put together on this YouTube playlist:

Click here to view videos – Vancouver Mural Festival (August 2019)

(Be sure to press Play All and view in Full Screen)

Yes, Spanky, I know that I’m not very good at taking videos and it’s difficult to understand me when I’m talking – but hopefully, you’ll find the video clips entertaining.

By the way, I plan to go back to Vancouver later this week and take more videos of the murals. Maybe, if you’re interested, we can do it together. Give me a call and we’ll arrange something.

Of if you’d rather do the tour by yourself – here is a copy of the map and list of artists – for you to use as a guide.

VMF-2018-MuralMap (1)

Dedicated to my nephew, Russell Dougherty, a talented skateboarder/graphic artist 



Today’s tune from Danny’s library (purchased):

Guess Who? – lyrics

Someone really loves you
Guess who?
Someone really cares
Guess who?
So open your heart,
Oh, then surely you’ll see,
Oh, that the someone who really cares is me

Someone will wait eternally
Someone who’ll want your love,
Oh, so desperately
Open your heart,
Oh, then surely you’ll see,
Oh, that the someone who really cares,
Who really cares is me

Songwriters: Jesse L Belvin / Jo Ann Y Belvin
Guess Who lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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